Advantages of the Telemetron system

For a vending company
Advantages of the Telemetron system

Telemetron system offers a whole range of advantages to the operators of vending machines:

  • Reduces downtime of the machines
  • Prevents theft of products and money (allows to control your staff)
  • Provides relevant information about the status of your network in real time
  • Increases the quality of service maintenance of the machines and, as a result, your revenue
  • Increases service life of the machines with their timely servicing
  • Optimizes the scheduling of visits to the vending machines
  • Allows to better plan for purchases and sales

For ingredient suppliers

If your business is to provide vending machines for rent on the condition of purchasing the ingredients from you, then you will find Telemetron to be very useful.

You will always know precisely when it is time to supply the next delivery of ingredients, and you will also have complete statistics on the sales of products at the sales point of the tenant.

Thanks to Telemetron, you will minimize the use of ingredients by your tenant that were not supplied by you.


For the manufacturers and suppliers of vending machines

When installing modems of Telemetron system in the vending machines, the manufacturers also receive additional benefits for their business:

  • They enhance the functionality of their machines
  • They create additional income from the sale of modems
  • They increase the number of clients

By partnering with the Telemetron system you can start making profit right away without having to spend time and effort on supporting and developing the telemetry.

 If you manufacture or sell vending machines, get in touch with us, and we will definitely find ways to create mutually beneficial cooperation.