Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need monitoring?

By using monitoring, you will reduce the downtime of your machines, reduce the number of staff visits to the sale points and will create additional profit. To learn more about the advantages of the system, you can read detailed information on the page AdvantagesTo assess the capabilities of the system you can order a test modem and access to Personal dashboard by contacting our managers.

Can I use the modem with the machine, not specified in the compatibility list?

The modem works on the protocols EXE, MDB, DEX, and DDCMP. These are standard protocols that are compatible with most models of vending machines. You can check for support of these protocols in the documentation for your vending machine or send us the exact model name of your machine so we could verify it for you.

Do I pay only for the modem or for the use of the personal dashboard as well?

The use of Personal dashboard is not free. However, currently you can take part in the beta testing of the system and get a modem and access to personal dashboard for up to 2 months for free.

How quickly will I recoup the cost of the monitoring system?

According to expert estimates, the increase in the amount of sales with active use of the monitoring system is 20%.  Even if we take into the account half of this figure, then your monitoring costs will be recouped in 5 months! See it for yourself. Contact our managers to get a modem for a test drive.

How is the modem connected to the vending machine?

It is connected to the open circuit of audits (MDB or EXE) - between the control board and the coin changer. Also, with a separate cable the modem is connected to the port of the DEX audit (present in most modern vending machines). Thus Telemetron "listens" to the payment bus and from it learns about all the errors that occur with payments, and also has the ability to obtain detailed statistics on sales and cash through the audit port. To connect, standard sockets on the machine are used. Connection takes less than 10 minutes and can be performed by a person with no technical skills.

How is data exchanged?

The modem sends data to the telemetry server using GPRS or 3G channels. The server processes the data and delivers it to the personal dashboard. If necessary, the server sends to the owner of the machine SMS-messages (they are sent directly from the server and not from the SIM-card of the modem). Therefore, SIM-card can be connected without a voice tariff and SMS service - only mobile Internet data. Typically, these rates are very cheap.

Can I install one modem on two machines working in "Master-Slave" mode?

Yes, it is possible. The modem is installed in the machine of the "Master" type, but sales figures and events data will come from all connected machines.

What is the difference of the modem working on MDB and EXE?

When the vending machine operates using EXE protocol, the coin changer manages the machine operation. It keeps inside the prices of drinks and products, and it also stores on the internal memory all sales statistics of the machine . Therefore, when a machine works on such bus, the Telemetron modem is only connected to the coin changer. There is no need to additionally connect to the DEX port of the machine. This is the easiest and most reliable way to connect. If the machine works on EXE, then Telemetron will reliably read the data from it, no matter what the model of the machine is.

When working on MDB, Telemetron reads the data from two places – from MDB bus (from it the modem gets the errors of payment systems) and from the port of the DEX audit (it provides the sales statistics and information about the cash).

Will it work with Necta Colibri?

It will work to the full extent if the coin changer is on the EXE protocol (it’s recommended to use this particular mode of operation for the coin changer).

If the machine is on MDB, the modem will notify you of the errors but will not provide with sales statistics.

The reason is that for Colibri machines there is no firmware which supports EVA-DTS. The manufacturing company (Necta) has no plans to release it (we double checked).

Can we get Telemetron data into our information system?

Yes, you can. The system provides data download in CVS format. Then the data can be imported into any third-party programs.

We have a large network of machines. Can we install the back end on our server?

The system is available for use as a cloud service, but it can also be installed on the client’s server. Such delivery option should be considered only for large networks (100-200 machines and more). The terms of delivery of the server side are discussed on individual basis.