• Telemetry<br />Cashless payments <br />Fiscal solutions
    Cashless payments
    Fiscal solutions
    Telemetry<br />Cashless payments <br />Fiscal solutions
  • Vendotek 3<br /> All-in-one device
    Vendotek 3
    All-in-one device
    • Cashless payments
    • Cashbox and QR display
    • Telemetron back office
    Vendotek 3<br /> All-in-one device
How does Telemetron work?

Сonnecting to a vending machine
Collecting data and transmits it to the server
Sending SMS when the power is off
May be connected with cashless payment devices

Back office

It displays status of online machines, balance of water, coffee, ingredients and change.
Different access levels for staff are available.
The back office can be integrated to accounting systems.

Mobile application

It simplifies operators’ work and sends information about loaded goods to the back office.
It also shows status of the machines and balance of goods and ingredients.

Cashless payments

Cashless payments + Telemetry.
The module allows paying with cards and phones.
It can display ad and QR code cheques.

With Telemetron
Get rid of theft
Get rid of theft
Revenue information in your smartphone
Visit your vending machines less often
Visit your vending machines less often
Track product balances and do not visit ahead of time
Eliminate downtime
Eliminate downtime
Get breakdown information instantly
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  • Optima
    Telemetry modem for coffee, snack and table-top vending machines.
  • Ultra
    Telemetry modem, QR payments and remote control for a vending machine
  • QR display
    QR display
    Connects to any telemetry modem. Used for QR payments.
  • Vendotek 2
    Vendotek 2
    Cashless payments, telemetry and remote control for vending