General information

О Системе удаленного мониторинга Телеметрон

General information

Telemetron is a system for remote control and monitoring of vending machines. It is designed to obtain sales statistics reports and data on errors from vending machines and to provide optimal operation of vending machines based on these data. Also, online cash desks, acquiring devices and QR-displays which show checks and QR codes for mobile payments can be connected to the Telemetron modem. 


Who needs the Telemetron system?


vending companies



vending companies






Manufacturers and distributors of vending machines



Scope of application

  • Free-standing coffee and snack machines (metering of water, ingredients, change; errors and machines downtime)
  • Table-top coffee machines (delayed start/shutdown, prevention of adding third-party coffee and theft by operators and customers, remote defaulters block)
  • Acquiring terminals (expanding capabilities by integrating telemetry to a payment terminal via API)


More about the system

The Telemetron system consists of:

How does data exchange work?

The modem transmits data from a vending machine to your personal dashboard through GPS/GPRS. When the machine is turned off, the Telemetron modem sends a notification thanks to the built-in battery. 

What equipment is the system compatible with?

The Telemetron system is compatible with most models of vending machines and coin acceptors. Modem settings and data parameters can be changed to suit needs of a particular company.

Do you service the machines yourself?

With Telemetron you will have more free time. Now you do not have to visit your machines to check how many ingredients are left. In fact, you get an extra day off every week. Go about your business, and the Telemetron system will notify you when any of your machines need attention. 

Do you have employees?

In this case telemetry is a must-have for you. It allows you to control employees and to make sure that a service schedule is respected, and machines’ downtimes are minimized. You can fully control your business: money, goods and quality of service. And in combination with the control system, the employee motivation system works more effective.

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