General Information

About remote monitoring system

Remote monitoring system Telemetron is designed to obtain sales statistics, information on errors and malfunctions of  vending machines and optimal operation of a network of vending machines based on that data.

Do you service your machines yourself?

In that case, the remote monitoring system Telemetron will free up a lot of your personal time.

In fact, you will get an extra day off each week. After all, you will not have to come out to your vending machines just to make sure that they are working properly and the ingredients didn’t run out.

Take care of your other things, and Telemetron will make sure to notify you when any of your vending machines will require attention.

Do you own a network of machines serviced by hired employees?

In that case, you definitely need Telemetron. It will allow you to control all of your employees and make sure that the rules of service are observed, your employees attend the machines when it is scheduled, and the machines downtime due to breakdowns is minimized.

Whatever your current incentive system for your staff is, there is nothing more effective than combining an incentive system with a monitoring system.

For the first time you have the ability to completely control your business - finances, inventory and service quality.


Телеметрия для вендинга


More about the system

Telemetron system consists of:

The modem, using GSM / GPRS channels, transmits data from a vending machine onto your personal dashboard.

The system is standardized for most models of vending machines and the models of coin changers. Modem parameters and settings can be changed depending on the needs of a particular user or company.

Telemetron is equally suitable for a small vending company, and a large network. By increasing the efficiency of your operations, we strive to make your business simpler.