Remote monitoring (telemetry) system for vending machines

Reduce machines
A vending machine may remain out of order for up to 4 days waiting for some minor repairs.
Eliminate redundant
Every third trip to a vending machine without telemetry is redundant.
Control your employees work
Know where your employees are and what they are doing now.
Android App for Operators
Easy way to input information on ingredient refills and manage routes.
Works with all vending machines
Telemetron modem system is compatible with all types of vending machines operating on standard protocols MDB, EXE, DEX.
Sends SMS notifications
With a system of SMS and e-mail notifications you will instantly get information about any errors or malfunctions in your vending machines.
Notifications of power outage
With the loss of 220V power for your vending machine, you will immediately receive a notification via SMS.
Equipped with built-in shaking sensor
This sensor will notify you if your machine is being shaken, beaten or moved around.
Provides you with detailed reports
In your personal Telemetron dashboard you will have access to many different reports on your machines - financial, inventory, idle time, etc.
Increase your profit by at least 20%
That's how much vending business loses without telemetry systems according to research

Telemetron Ultra modem Telemetron monitoring system allows you to remotely obtain information about the sales and technical condition of your vending machines, to access online the information on the latest sales, to monitor the current availability of the ingredients and the availability of change.

If your vending machines encounter any technical problems, Telemetron will notify you via SMS or e-mail. You will be able to quickly resume machine operation and will limit its downtime.

The system consists of two elements:

The modem works with protocols MDB, EXE, and DEX. Small size of the modem allows it to be installed in any type of vending machine, including desktop coffee machines.

On your personal dashboard, in addition to the operational information on all your machines, analytical reports on the overall status of the network, the efficiency of the machines, downtime, maintenance and cash collection are available.

By using Telemetron system you will be able to significantly decrease your expenses and increase your sales!

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