Hardware Compatibility List

The modems of Telemetron system work on standard protocols MDB and EXE. Sales statistics is read using DEX / UCS and DDCMP protocols. Most vending machines and coin changers work with these protocols.

Currently, the modem is guaranteed to work with the following models of devices:

CoffeeMachines (Freestanding)

  • Necta Canto
  • Necta Kikko Max
  • Necta Kikko ES6
  • Necta Concerto
  • Necta Solista
  • Necta Opera
  • Necta Kikko Max To Go
  • Necta Kikko IN7
  • Necta Kikko LB
  • Gerhard CTG
  • Jofemar Coffemar G250
  • Jofemar Coffemar G546
  • Jofemar Bluetec G335, G546
  • RheaVendors Sagoma Luce
  • RheaVendors Sagoma E5
  • RheaVendors Sagoma E7
  • RheaVendors Caffe Europa
  • RheaVendors Caffe Europa Multimedia
  • RheaVendors Caffe Europa Touch
  • RheaVendors Luce X1
  • RheaVendors Luce X2
  • FAS Winning E6
  • Bianchi 951/952
  • Bianchi LEI 400/600
  • Saeco Atlante 500
  • Saeco Atlante 700
  • Saeco Cristallo 400
  • Saeco Cristallo 600
  • Saeco Cristallo EVO
  • Saeco Diamante
  • Azkoyen Novara
  • Azkoyen City
  • Crane Evolution

Snack Machines

  • Necta Snakky
  • Necta Rondo
  • Necta Samba
  • Necta Snakky Max
  • Necta Snakky LX
  • Necta Snakky 6-30
  • Necta Tango
  • Necta Sfera
  • Necta Melodia
  • Necta Jazz
  • Necta Diesis
  • Necta Zeta
  • Necta Festival
  • Fastcorp Z400
  • FAS 1050 / 900
  • Crane Snack Center 167
  • Crane Mechant 6
  • Dixie Narco BevMax 4 DN5800
  • RheaVendors Luce X Snack
  • RheaVendors Snack Europa
  • Saeco Aliseo
  • Saeco Corallo
  • Saeco Corallo 1700
  • Saeco Smeraldo 36/56
  • Jofemar Easy Combo (Jofemar Vision)
  • Azkoyen Mistral
  • Azkoyen Palma
  • Sanden Vendo
  • MVM (TCN-D720)
  • Fuji Electric (JVMA version)
  • Wurlitzer W700, W850, W1000
  • Kimma

Coffee Machines (Tabletop)

  • Bianchi BVM 901
  • Bianchi LEI SA E3S
  • Bianchi Gaia
  • Necta Kharisma
  • Necta Koro
  • Necta Korinto
  • Necta KREA ES4
  • Necta Kalea
  • RheaVendors Cino XS Grande
  • RheaVendors Cino EC
  • Rheavendors LaRhea
  • Saeco Rubino 200
  • Jofemar Bluetec G23
  • Schaerer Barista One
  • Jura WE8
  • Cafitesse

Coin Changers

  • MEI 7000
  • MEI 8000
  • MEI 690
  • CoinCo Global 2
  • NRI Currenza
  • Jedy
  • ICT
  • Coges Aeterna

If your model of the machine or coin changer is not listed, check the protocol of your machine. Telemetron system will work on the following protocols:

MDB (Multi-Drop Bus) - a protocol that involves connecting all performing modules of the vending machine to a common wire that supports their logic. The main controller of the machine is the head unit, which sends commands on to other devices (coin changer, bill acceptor and cashless devices).

EXE (Executive, Protocol A) - a protocol developed by the company Mars Electronics International (MEI) to control the devices of vending machines. Transactions occur under the control of the coin changer, and the prices can be stored both in a vending machine mode (Standart mode), and in the coin changer itself (Price-Holding mode, if you need a more detailed history of the audit).

DEX / UCS (Direct Exchange / Uniform Communications Standard) - audit interface, which electrically corresponds to the levels and parameters of the RS-232. Transmits data of EVA-DTS fields, as well as the configuration of EVA-DTS, for example, transmits pricing information to a vending machine or payment device after collection of audit data.

DDCMP (DEC Data Communications Message Protocol) - this protocol is used to transmit EVA-DTS data.

Also you can send us the model of your machine, and we will check it for compatibility with the system.