Telemetron update: Setting role access in your account

Now, in the Telemetron backoffice, you can configure separate access for users.

Previously, all roles were preinstalled, they could not be changed.

We have implemented a new role system. We saved the existing roles, but now you can create and change new ones. The owner can decide what data employees can see and edit.

For example, operators can see the status of the machines, but not their revenue. An accountant can see and download sales reports, but he does not see the machines’ locations. For each role, you can give access to all the machines or to some of them.

You can set access to the following sections and data:

  • Billing, company data;
  • Create and delete users, groups and roles;
  • Setting planograms, products, recipes;
  • Machines’ locations;
  • Financial reports;
  • Information about the products and employees;
  • Sales, service reports;
  • Change, the remainder of stock, events, errors;
  • Settings for the VM, the modem, the installation locations.

The new feature will be useful for both small and large companies. When creating it, we carefully studied all your wishes.

Settings are changed in the Settings menu → Users and Roles.

If you have questions, our technical support team is always ready to help.