Personal Dashboard

Works through a browser
No need to install any software on your computer
Mobile devices support
You can access it from your smartphone or tablet

On your personal dashboard of the Telemetron monitoring system you can access all information about your vending machines.

On the overview page the most important data on the current state of machines is grouped. Here you can quickly assess the operating performance of your network, review recent system events and changes, and see the machines that are in an error mode.

Monitoring of vending machines

The Telemetron monitoring system provides online information for each of your vending machines on the following basis:

  • The status of the machine
  • The amount of change available
  • Loading of ingredients
  • The time of last sale
  • The time of last service
  • Last event
  • The amount of coins and bills received since last service

Detailed information on each of the machines you can find under the machine’s tab.



Monitoring of vending machines

The Telemetron monitoring system provides its users with the reports to analyze various aspects of the vending machines operation. Main reports can be created on different time periods, on specific machines, on groups, on products, on lessors and on other parameters. All reports are available for download in CSV and Excel formats.

  • On revenues of vending machines
  • Financial report
  • On sales of products
  • On cash collection
  • On machine's events.

For all of the data received from the vending machines, you can set up SMS or e-mail notifications. You can set up the notifications for individual machines and also for machine groups. You can choose the types of events that your employees should be notified about. For example, to only send notifications of the critical events or service maintenance of the machines.

Flexible system settings allow you to display the information in a way that is convenient for you.

Telemetron monitoring system works with all popular web browsers. The data will be conveniently displayed on computer monitors with different resolutions, as well as on tablets and smartphones.


Role-based access control
Reports in Telemetron system

The data in the system is available only to the company-owner of modems. User access is granted using a login and a password. The rights in the system are determined in accordance with the selected role.

Lessor role

Telemetron system provides the ability to create users with the role "Lessor". These users will only have access to "Revenue reports" on the vending machines that are tied to the lessor.

Accessing through the Internet or on your server

The system is available for use in the cloud environment with complete service maintenance.
You can also set up Telemetron on your server and control your data independently.