Back office

In the back office of the Telemetron monitoring system you can access all information about your vending machines.

Обзор сети торговых автоматов

Продажи на карточке торгового автомата в системе Телеметрон

Учет ингредиентов в системе Телеметрон


The most important data about your machines is displayed here in real time. You can always quickly evaluate performance of the machines, see the latest system events, check for operational errors. In the back office you can see the following information:

  • a machine operation status, error codes;
  • loaded ingredients;
  • time of the last sale and the last service;
  • last event;
  • the amount of coins, bills and change in the machine.

VM Page

This page provides brief and detailed information on all the machines. Here you can see the following information:

  • revenue reports;
  • real time sales reports;
  • notifications about errors and events;
  • the amount of change in the machine.


Reports can be generated on a certain period, on certain machines, groups, products, landlords and other parameters. All reports are available for download in CSV and Excel formats.

You can configure SMS or e-mail notifications from vending machines about all events both for the one machine and for a group of machines.

The Telemetron system can generate following reports, which can be used to analyse various aspects of the vending machines operation:

  • revenues from the machines;
  • financial reports;
  • sales reports;
  • collection and servicing reports;
  • events reports;
  • checks in last 24 hours;
  • ingredients loading by the operator, the vending machine or a group of vending machines.

Flexible system settings allow you to view information in a form convenient for you.

Setting role access

In the System Settings, you can create roles and separate access to the back office and data for different users. The owner of vending machines can decide what data employees can or cannot see and edit.

For each role, you can open access to all machines or to the certain group.

You can set access to the following section:

  • billing, company data;
  • creating and deleting users, groups, and roles;
  • setting planograms, products, recipes;
  • machines locations;
  • financial reports;
  • information about ingredients and employees;
  • amount of sales, service reports, cash collections;
  • amount of change, balance of ingredients, events, errors;
  • settings for the VM, for planograms, for the modem and locations.


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