Telemetron Modems
The modem

is installed to a vending machine;
collects and transfers data to the server;
allows you to connect a cash box, a payment terminal and a QR display.
sends SMS notifications when power is off.

Data transfer

The modem collects data from vending machines via the MBD/EXE protocol and transmits it via GSM 900/1800 in the GPRS packet transmission mode. All the communication channels are protected. Thanks to the use of unique data transfer algorithms, traffic is minimized. Non-volatile memory allows storing and accumulating data in the modem in case there is no connection with the server. As soon as the connection is restored, the modem transfers the data to the server.


There are 3 buttons on the modem:

  • Servicing
  • Loading ingredients
  • Cash collection

When you press one of the buttons, a detailed report is generated and the data about the completed task is sent to the server.


Also there are indicators of the current status of the modem on the front panel: Power, GSM, Server, DEX, MDB/EXE.


Every modem is equipped with a sensor, which is triggered by shaking, bumping or moving the machine. There is an opportunity to connect an additional external door open/close sensor and a reboot module.


Technical characteristics

Temperature mode: from 0 to +50 оC
Relative humidity: up to 80% at 25 оC
Typical operating time: at least 5 years.

External connectors

  • A SIM slot
  • A GSM-antenna connector (SMA-female).
  • A universal port for connecting to MDB and EXE payment buses.
  • A universal port for connecting to a DEX/DDCMP audit ports.
  • A port for external sensors.

Overall dimensions

Width: 75 mm
Length: 111 mm
Height: 25 mm

Installation instruction:


Test Telemetron