Telemetron M2M-Modem

Built-in battery
Notifications of power outage of vending machines.
Built-in shake sensor
Notifications of vandalism attempts.
Remote software upgrades
Modem’s firmware can be upgraded remotely.

 Datasheet (1.7Mb, PDF)

Telemetron modem Telemetron system’s modems are installed in vending machines or desktop coffee machines to collect information about their operation. Modem sends this information to the server via GSM / GPRS channels for subsequent analysis.

The modem is powered directly from a vending machine. If the machine is turned off, the modem will automatically switch to power from a built-in battery.

All parameters of the modem and its software can be updated remotely. Also, for the ease of use, the modem can receive SMS commands (for example, to check the communication layer status, changes in settings, or to request an unscheduled report, etc.)

Data transmission

Modem reads the data from vending machines using protocols EXE and MDB and transmits it through communication networks GSM 900/1800 in batch transmission mode GPRS. Only secure communication channels are used. Transfer of all the information is encrypted.

Additionally, thanks to the use of unique data transmission algorithms, their traffic is minimized.

The availability of non-volatile memory allows storing and accumulating data in the modem even if there is no communication with the server.

As soon as the connection is restored, the modem will transmit that data to the server.

Black Telemetron modem

Service buttons

On the body of the modem there are 3 service buttons:

  1. Service visit
  2. Loading of ingredients
  3. Money collection

When you press any of the buttons, a detailed report is generated and the data about the completed task is sent to the server.


Also on the front panel of the case there are indicators of the current status of the modem: Power, GSM, Server, DEX, MDB / EXE.


Every modem is equipped with a built-in shake sensor (accelerometer), which gets activated when a machine is shaken, hit or moved.

You can also install additional external sensors:

  • temperature sensor (useful to control the operation of refrigerators in snack machines)
  • sensor of opening / closing of a vending machine door
  • sensor of opening / closing of a payment section door

and other sensors upon your request.

Gray Telemetron modem

Technical characteristics

Temperature conditions: from 0 to +50 оC
Relative humidity: up to 80% at 25 оC
Period of continuous operation: at least 5 years

External sockets

  1. SIM-slot for SIM-card
  2. Socket for GSM-antenna (SMA-female)
  3. Universal socket for connecting payment buss MDB or EXE
  4. Universal socket for connecting to audit ports DEX / DDCMP
  5. Socket for external sensors

Overall dimensions

Width: 75 mm
Length: 111 mm
Height: 25 mm